Akkordeon konzertant!

Sonntag, den 18. Februar 2018 um 18:00 Kirche St. Nicolai in Brandenburg an der Havel:



Die FUROR – Band aus Russland gastiert mit ihrem Programm
- „Eine musikalische Reise ohne Grenzen  -


Es erklingen Adaptionen von Werken:
J.S. Bachs
A. Vivaldi
S. Rachmaninov
A. Piazzolla
Sowie russische Folklore

Der Eintritt ist frei - Spenden werden erbeten


The band “Furor” was formed in 2008.
It consists of 5 musicians - 2 accordionists, 1 contrabassist, 1 violinist
And female and male vocalists.
Its wide range repertoire includes different genres - from Baroque classics
and the Russian Vocal music to jazz and rock. The group was formed in the
beginning as a duet of accordion players - Gennady Chasovskikh and Victor
Venediktov. They traveled all Europe with the classical instrumental program
including a tango of Piazzolla and Russian folk music. They were then joined
by Alexander Yakimov, a representative of the Russian romance musical form
and later the violinist Pyotr Siroto and the Singer Valeria Kirsanova with
her lower range voice joined the band. Valeria sings the songs of Edith Piaf and
Russian national songs in her own innovative style. The Group performs
successful concerts tours throughout Europe and audiences enjoy the
charismatic and dynamic presentation with unique interpretations on
traditional classics and standards.